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This extraordinary book is the sixth in the sequence of the Sigil Heptalogy, a series of seven novels by Mellius. And the first one to be released. It describes the journey of one girl, travelling in several identies through seven different times and places. With one mission. 


Her name is Oxzana Mendelstova. She fights for self-preservation and freedom in a world that mirrors a grim future. A large part of the European continent has become desert. And it is ruled by an intelligent and ruthless military force. Disguised as a boy, she leaves her safe and hidden village behind, in an attempt to find a remedy for a disease that is isolating and killing people, destroying families and villages

Unsure about the outcome and what dangers she will encounter, Oxzana embarks on a long journey. Looking for a way to free mankind of a life of 12 meters distance, only able to spend two days together, before they start coughing, approaching a slow but sure death. 


Armed only with her voice, her horses, a truck and ancient wisdom passed on by her grandmother, Oxzana decides to take her fate into her own hands. 


Lokovsky's dream
‘There once was a time when everything was connected to everything. There was no separation between art, science and religion. Everything was streaming with ease,  flowing. It was the time before the Twilight of the Gods and also of Spatial Reading. That time will return. The new language, the new ways of reading and connecting are the driving forces that will lift the world to a higher level of consciousness. At one time, during the Renaissance, we learned to see with perspective. This is how it will also occur with the rebirth of language. A language with which you can listen to light, feel and smell music, with which you can talk to each other without a voice and listen with the ear of your heart. A language that is not male nor female, but androgynous. Spatial reading leads to spatial thinking and that is what opens the portal to freedom.”

Lokovsky’s dream was to reunite all art disciplines and all verbal and non-verbal languages. A first step on the road towards Spatial Reading and the Spatial Poem. 

That adage is also ours. That’s why our name is Lokovsky’s Dream. A tribute to a hero, that was willing to fight to the limits in order to let his dreams be heard. Even if he had to gain the ear of a megalomaniac tyranny. 

Lokovsky’s Dream is a production house, publisher, record label, impresariat. And more.  

The return to the synthesis of music, books, video and performing arts. Crossing borders of art disciplines with bright and brilliant multi-talented artists and writers.

Komandir Brilev Lokovsky

The Complete

Sigil Heptalogy

These seven novels of The Sigil Heptalogy and other books are currently  in production. Click on a cover for more information (not yet available).

Other Stories

Spin-offs of the Sigil Heptalogy. Stories of other characters that have strongly influenced the life course of Oxzana through time. 

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