Mellius is the creator of Heptakosmoj ('seven worlds'). An immersive fiction project that is unparalled in size and depth, as well as in relevance to the current society we live. 

He writes thick historical fiction novels
, paints, draws, directs videos, music and performances, designs clothing and jewelry, and so much more. In short, he creates entire worlds.

He also loves to drive big trucks and horses, snowboard in powder, and joke around.

With his work he aims to contribute to the freedom of the world we live in. That’s why he created the worlds of Heptakosmoj.
As a dark mirror to our society. 

Recent work
A tour through my ateliers

 Amsterdam Noord
          Atelier 1

In this atelier parts of the book Mendelstov have been built in 3D. The atelier is a large hangar in an industrial area of Noord overlooking the water of the IJ. A seemingly inconspicuous steel door leads to a different world - recognizable yet fantastic. Alike but unlike anything you've seen before.

At the moment the atelier is closed for visitors. We will open our doors again in September 2021 with a disease-proof immersive exhibition. There you can enter the worlds of Heptakosmoj.
A tour through my ateliers

 Amsterdam Noord
          Atelier 2

Around the corner from Atelier 1, this hangar houses the very large installations, that simply couldn't fit anymore.

It also houses the specialized artists that help Mellius create his worlds. They barter atelier space to make their own work, for a contribution of their creativity to Heptakosmoj. 

The installations and individual ateliers here can be visited once a year at OAN (Open Ateliers Noord) - 2nd and 3rd of October 2021. 

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